My Tuesday Take: Jan. 22, 2019

On Sunday the New England Patriots beat the Kansas City Chiefs 37-31 in overtime to advance to the Super Bowl. Tom Brady and Bill Belichick will be making their ninth Super Bowl appearance together, a feat that has never happened before. This has caused more people to call Tom Brady the greatest of all time or “the GOAT,” but I don’t believe he is.

The Patriots have played in one of the weakest divisions in the NFL since the 2002 realignment. The Bills, Dolphins, and Jets all have losing records in the games played from 2002 to 2018. During that time, Buffalo only has three winning seasons. Miami has five, and New York has seven. To put that in perspective, AFC North teams have a combined 33 winning seasons, and the NFC North has 30. These are two divisions that have had teams go 0-16.

Patriots’ fans, you have to be honest and agree when I say that Brady has gotten calls over the years that other quarterbacks have not. Ben Roethlisberger and Cam Newton have been leveled after throwing the ball, and a penalty flag was never thrown. Meanwhile, Tom Brady can get tapped on the shoulder while throwing the ball and receive a flag for unnecessary roughness, like in the AFC Championship game. The true greats, like Montana, Staubach, and Marino, didn’t cry when a defender touched their shoulder.

Brady only looks great because he is smart enough to find holes in a zone defense, and teams still try to play zone against him. He has also had Hall of Famer Randy Moss and Wes Welker to throw the ball to, and currently has Gronk, Edelman, and one of the best receiving running backs in the league in James White. Tom Brady, frankly, is nothing without Bill Belichick, one of the greatest coaches of all time, and the team that was assembled by him.

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