Goodbye Joe Flacco

The Baltimore Ravens did everything but actually say goodbye to veteran quarterback Joe Flacco yesterday in their loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Rookie first-round pick Lamar Jackson started and played all of the Ravens’ first playoff game since 2014. Jackson, who has struggled with ball security all season, started off the game by fumbling on the team’s first two possessions. Both were recovered by Baltimore, but Chargers’ Melvin Ingram scooped up the next fumble that ended their second drive because running back Kenneth Dixon couldn’t hold onto the ball. Jackson then threw an interception with 8:57 left in the first quarter and lost a fumble as time winded down in the second.

Despite the fact that Baltimore was down 20 points and Jackson had negative passing yards at the beginning of the fourth quarter, John Harbaugh made the decision to keep him in the game. Saying that it was a passing situation is an understatement, and passing is not Jackson’s strong suit. By sticking with the rookie and leaving the better passer and former Super Bowl MVP on the bench, the Ravens clearly said that this is now Lamar Jackson’s team, and Joe Flacco is not part of their future.

Baltimore, at least trade Flacco to where he wants to go. You owe him that much.

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