My Tuesday Take: Nov. 27, 2018

Last Thursday was Thanksgiving and like every Thanksgiving, people say what they are thankful for, and the Dallas Cowboys have a game. Cowboys’ owner Jerry Jones is most likely very thankful that he gave up a first round draft pick for wide receiver Amari Cooper after he had a monster game against the Redskins that night that included touchdowns of 40 and 90 yards.

Cooper was drafted by the Oakland Raiders in the first round of the 2015 draft. His first two seasons with the Raiders were great. He had over 1,000 receiving yards in those two years. Cooper struggled in 2017 with an ankle injury. It looked like this year was going to be another down year for Cooper (it looks like that is the case for everyone in Oakland) until he was traded to Dallas on October 22 for the Cowboys’ 2019 first round pick, and his season immediately began to look up.

Amari Cooper has more receiving yards in four games with Dallas than he did in six games with Oakland. I would expect his numbers to keep growing as he continues to learn the offense and becomes quarterback Dak Prescott’s main target. Mr. Jones, you can sleep well at night knowing you found the missing piece your team needed to compete for a playoff spot. Continue to be thankful that everyone else was wrong.

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