CFP Poll #2 Predictions

The second rankings for the CFP Poll are going to be released tonight. Here are my predictions for the Top 10:

  1. Alabama – They were the #1 team before this week, and all they did was easily beat #3 LSU 29 to 0.
  2. Clemson – The Tigers destroyed Louisville 77 to 16 and had three running backs run over 100 yards each.
  3. Michigan – Yes, I know Notre Dame is undefeated and beat Michigan, but that was the first game of the year. Michigan blew out #14 PSU 42 to 7 and is clearly better than Notre Dame right now. The committee forgives teams for losing a game to an unranked opponent, so why not forgive a loss to a ranked team.
  4. Notre Dame – The Fighting Irish beat an unranked Northwestern by 10 points. That’s not impressive.
  5. Georgia – They beat #9 Kentucky, who will fall out of the Top 10, 34 to 17 to take the SEC East.
  6. Oklahoma – They won an offensive shootout over Texas Tech.
  7. Washington St – They beat a Cal team that upset Washington last week.
  8. Ohio State – The Buckeyes scraped by with a five-point victory over Nebraska, who has only two wins. They move up by default because Kentucky and LSU lost.
  9. LSU – I believe they fall this far because the loss to Bama was their second lost of the season. They stay in the Top 10 because they have a strong schedule.
  10. WVU – This is a toss up between WVU and UCF, who was ranked higher last week. -This is where the strength of schedule could really come into play. WVU, or Country Roads as I like to call them, beat #17 Texas by one point. That looks a lot better than coming back to beat unranked Temple by 12 points. UCF’s schedule is their biggest opponent because it is terribly weak.

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