Drew Brees the GOAT?

Everyone talks about Tom Brady, Peyton Manning, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, or Brett Favre as the greatest quarterback of all time. Brady, Bradshaw, and Montana may have 13 Super Bowl victories between them, but rings aren’t the only thing that defines a great quarterback. Since rings aren’t the only thing, there should be one more name added to this list: Drew Brees.

New Orleans Saints’ quarterback Drew Brees only needs 201 passing yards to break Peyton Manning’s record, and he could easily pass that mark on Monday night against the Washington Redskins. Along with the fact that he will eventually own this record, he also owns the record for completions (Brady isn’t even close) and completion percentage for a season at 72%. He also has three of the four most accurate passing seasons ever. The man who has more 5,000+ yard passing seasons than anyone else in the history of the NFL has completed almost 76% of his throws this season is on pace for 5,180 yards.

Brees has had the odds stacked against him for most of his career, and he has been able and willing to overcome most of the challenges he’s faced. He is very short for a quarterback at only six feet, and most general managers look for a quarterback that is at least 6’3″. The one-time Super Bowl champion also has had a very poor defense in New Orleans for most of his career. He could easily have two or three rings if the defense was at least average.

Drew Brees at the very least needs to be in consideration for the greatest of all time. He has arguably had the best years of his career as it comes to a close and not even a torn labrum he suffered with San Diego had the ability to slow him down.

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